Important Dates


4鳴rict RoundtableנBeattie 7:00pm

13ﳰan>BSLT Scoutmaster Specific Training ༯span>Flyer

17䩳trict Committee MeetingנBeattie 7:00 pm

19ﳰan>BSLT Scoutmaster Outdoor Training ༯span>Flyer

24쯳pan>Open C.O.P.E. Day᭰ Guyasuta


2鳴rict RoundtableנBeattie 7:00pm

3-5 Area 2 Fall Camporee쯳pan>Leaders Guide ࠼/span>Doubleknot Registration

15䩳trict Committee MeetingנBeattie 7:00 pm

17-19쯳pan>Beaver Day᭰ Anawanna


6鳴rict RoundtableנBeattie 7:00pm

15ﳰan>Seneca Scoutmaster Specific Training

17ﳰan>LHC 65th Annual Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner

19䩳trict Committee MeetingנBeattie 7:00 pm







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Data as ofฯ22/2014